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Because nobody needs a single glove, Green Thing presents . . . single gloves rescued by people across the country, washed, paired and sold in gloriously sustainable Glove Love. Watch Glove Story narrated by Emma Thompson, see the Lauren Budd In Glove Love photos, see the moving Lonely Glove pictures and, for a mere £5, get yourself some Glove Love. GO TO THE SHOP
glove love
Watch 'Glove Story' featuring the voice of Emma Thompson
watch it now
The story of a left hand glove and right hand glove in two parts of the world, both single, both able to play piano beautifully - and the rest you can probably figure out. Narrated by the always brilliant Emma Thompson, directed and produced by the ever-talented Michael Wright and Mustard. WATCH THE VIDEO
The problem: single, lonely gloves
They're everywhere and they're a waste. In a moving series of images, photographer Paul Rider captures and narrates the problem perfectly.
Lauren Budd is in glove love
As Glove Love warms hands and hearts at London Fashion Week, actress and model Lauren Budd opts for a little bit of sustainable style and a whole lotta Glove Love. MORE
Last but not least
Join the Lonely Glove Glove Love group on Flickr.
Know the All-Consuming root of Glove Love.
Be part of the Green Thing evangelist focus group. PLAY
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